Get a shirt, save a kitty.
Cats captured the hearts of Egyptian pharaohs, were praised by Albert Einstein, and make up 99% of the internet to date. They speak to our souls with their rough tongues and agile pounces. Our threads are cozy and printed to purrfection. We give 25% of all proceeds to the American Humane Association, so pick up a shirt for your lover, too.
Based out of Echo Park, THE FUTURE IS FELINE works with American Humane Association, and Generous to raise awareness and funds to help our feline friends. As resident cat lovers, the founders of THE FUTURE IS FELINE have received a myriad of Facebook posts and Instagram tags over the years. Not to mention, dozens of cat-inspired pieces of apparel. We could go a solid fortnight with only wearing cat shirts. We aim to tie in the viral nature of cat-based products with fundraising efforts. With a combined 40 years of cat ownership and fostering, and 15 years in the tech industry, THE FUTURE IS FELINE has big plans for taking one of our beloved passions into new arenas. The shirt available on this site is the first step towards big things. Please help us with our quest and don't be shy to reach out below. And yes, we fully support feminism.

The Future Is Feline

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